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Cuban Customs regulations
You must be aware of some customs regulations before you travel to Cuba, for example: no weapons, explosives or pornographic magazines are allowed in the country; those tourists arriving from the States, either directly or from a third country, are not permitted to bring videocassette players. Tourist are allowed to bring, tax free, two bottles of liquor, one carton of cigarettes, personal belongings and jewels, photographic and video cameras, typewriters, sports and fishing gear. You can bring, duty free, up to 10 kg of medicines in their original packaging.
Cuba Clothing
Clothing should be light, mainly during summer, so it would be best to wear shorts, cotton and flannel outfits and sandals. As for winter, a light jacket or a fine wool sweater and closed comfortable shoes would do, mainly at night. You should also bring sunglasses, and a bathing-suit and so that you can take a refreshing swim, and don´t forget your sunscreen.
Cuba Electricity
The electrical current in most of the residential and commercial places, offices and hotels is 110V/60 Hertz, although already there are facilities with 220V/60 Hertz. The power outlets are flat pins, but you can use converters.
Travellers from Europe need a plug adaptor to use their electrical equipment, laptops, cell phones, etc.
Cuba Transportation
You should not take urban transportation - people knows like the "camel" -, they are always crowded and unreliable. You should take taxis or tourist buses instead, or walk when it´s short distances. If you want to go on a tour of the island, your best option is to rent a car. There are several car rental offices at the airports, hotels and tourist spots providing high quality cars and services.
Cuba Health
There is no need to be vaccinated to come to Cuba. Most hotels provide a 24 hour health care services with specialists and nurses. There are specialized clinics (called International Clinics, operate by Servimed Company) for tourists in the main cities. It is advisable that all tourist who travel to Cuba are aided by a policy of assurance that can also be acquired in the Island through the company of attendance to the traveler: Asistur CORP. (
Cuba Water
Though tap water is drinkable in Cuba, we advise you to drink bottled water.
Cuba Security
Even though Cuba is safe and has a low crime-rate, you should take some precautions to avoid being caught out by petty thieves. Public peace is ensured in streets by an abundant amount of police officers always willing to help in case you need them, though they do not speak english. You should take note of the following advice: do not take more money with you than you need; do not be careless with your belongings and purchases; take good care of your wallet and passport in crowded places, we suggest you keep them in your front pocket; check the bill at restaurants; get rid of so-called "tourist guides", they are not professional and many are not aware of Cuban history and culture; keep your jewels and valuables in your room's safe box.
Cuba Money and Credit Cards
In 1994 the circulation of the new Cuban convertible peso is introduced in the country. It is equivalent to one American dollar, in order to facilitate transactions in foreign exchange with a monetary sign of our own. They were issued by Banco Nacional de Cuba with the face values of 1, 3, 5, 10, 50 and 100 Cuban convertible pesos to be accepted by the commercial network of assets and services operating in foreign exchange.
In Cuba, most hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, etc., take Visa and Mastercard credit cards, as long as they are not issued by American banks. However, you should have some cash on you just in case the machines are not working.
Public holidays in Cuba
January 1 - Triumph of the Cuban Revolution.
May 1 - International Labour Day.
July 25 - Day before the Commemoration of the Assault of the Moncada Garrison.
July 26 - Day of the National Rebelliousness.
July 27 - Day after the Commemoration of the Assault of the Moncada Garrison.
October 10 - Independence Day.
December 25 - Christmas.

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